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Greetings on our staff page! Each of us is an individual, but together we are one team of ArmedSoft company.

We help each other in difficult situations or solutions, we always cooperate with each other and just try to be one family.

  • CEO, Senior Drupal Developer

    I have been working on Websites Development for 7 years.

  • Master Designer

    I work as a designer in ArmedSoft company since 2013.

  • Project Manager

    I have been working as a Project manager since 2015. It is a curious job which fits my abilities.

  • Senior Drupal Developer

    I have been a web developer since 2014.

  • Senior Front-end Developer

    I am Senior Front-end developer and have been working in ArmedSoft company since summer, 2014. PHP is my favourite programming language.

  • Middle Drupal Developer

    I became a web developer in ArmedSoft company last year. I work on projects using Drupal and PHP.

  • Middle Drupal Developer

    I work in web-programming. I know such technologies as PHP, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, SQL and Drupal.

  • Middle Drupal Developer

    I have exellent knowledge in Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with experience in the full life circle of the software design process.

  • Middle Wordpress Developer

    My first acquaintance with programming was in student's days. Later it became my hobby.

  • Project Manager

    I work as project manager since 2016. My job is to manage the whole project.

  • Sales Manager

    I am Sales Manager in Armed Soft company since 2016. It`s job is very exciting and interesting for me.

  • Project Manager

    I work as a manager in a company ArmedSoft since 2016. This work is very interesting for me, although it requires large enough efforts.

  • Frontend Developer

    In position of Frontend Developer I work since 2016. Work in the company ArmedSoft brings outstanding pleasure and gives an opportunity to self-realization.

  • Designer

    I work as a designer in ArmedSoft company since 2017.

  • Drupal Developer

    I am a web developer with a great desire to improve my skills and participate in interesting

  • Drupal Developer

    I'm working in a company ArmedSoft since 2017.

  • Drupal Developer

    After collaborating with the ArmedSoft team, programming has become for me not only a profession, but also a hobby and vocation.