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General SEO lessons

June 22, 2018

General SEO lessons

   In order to start studying SEO, to begin with, we recall the essence of the term. In simple words, SEO - is a set of actions aimed at promoting the website in search engines and attracting the target audience.

  In order to master the basics of promotion, you need to pay attention to the theory. Let's start with the main principles of search engine optimization. The first is the factors, that is, certain criteria, intended to form and assess the relevance of the issue. Under the relevance, which is the second factor, it is understood whether the extradition (third factor) of the information corresponds to a given query in the search engine.

   Let's consider the main factors of ranking of search engines. Internal factors:

  • text information - content must match the topics, be unique and bulk;
  • meta tags - refers to title, description;
  • website map - will allow search engines to better understand the structure;
  • website structure - a well thought out structure will become more understandable for search engines;
  • domain - the first priority before the creation of the site is the choice of his domain name. When choosing, You need to take into account the length, relevancy and simplicity. Domains ua will prevail in Ukraine, and outside it will be ranked worse.

   External factors are the previously mentioned relevancy and ranking of links (the number of external links).

   Selection of semantic core

   Under the semantic core of the website understandable the keywords or phrases, describing the activities of the organization or website.

   How to choose keywords?  Special online services will help you, which will greatly simplify the work. As example, let's list Google and Yandex keyword planners.

   The principle of work

   To start, in the search, we set words or phrases that describe the product/service. The Keyword Planner will give you the result that will be most suitable for this area of ​​activity. After that you will be able to evaluate the keywords - the frequency of searches by users for these queries.

   Another online keyword service is FastKeywords.Biz. In the Query field, enter the desired query and wait for the result.

   As You can see in the screenshot below, a table with a list of keywords along with statistics is displayed.

   After certain keywords have already been selected, they must be grouped together. In other words, this term sounds like clustering. For example, let's take the following structure of the website:

  Home - use queries that are most frequently asked by search engines. Of course, you need to consider the subject of the website. High-frequency is requests that are requested from 2-3 thousand times a month.

   Clustering by category of goods should occur, tied to the general names of goods.

   If You are talking about a particular product, then the binding should be definitely to it.

  You can split your keywords either automatically or manually. For an automatic method, online services are used that speed up work. There are both free and paid services. So which choose, decide You.

   If You decide to act manually, then You have to understand, it will take much longer and much effort will be needed. But still, work can be more effective. So, if you need to distribute thousands of keywords, we recommend using the services.

   Links from external resources are also important in promoting the site.  But it is impossible to exaggerate too. How does it work? You can use the following most common ways:

  • participate in discussion forums, leaving a link to Your website;
  • You can be a sponsor so that people will remember;
  • on the website it is recommended to add links to social networks, and, on the contrary - in social networking profiles - to place links to the main site. There are other ways, but You can decide to use it again for You.

   As we see, the sector of seo-promotion is quite wide. To master it, You need to spend time, patience and effort.


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