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Importance of website usability

March 26, 2018

Importance of website usability

   Website usability - ensures simplicity and clarity of using the web-resource without the need for additional training. That is, the user should go to the website, without difficulty and time lost, to find the necessary information.

   Basic usability attributes:

  • practicability - content should be useful to visitors;
  • efficiency - measured by the speed of reaching its goal by the user (for example, ordering a product);
  • ease of development - how easy it is for the visitor to master the main functions of the website;
  • design, interface - a very important attribute, because all nuances are important - colors, font, navigation;
  • the absence of errors - both potential and grammatical. Potential implies that the user should not perform his actions again. In order to avoid this, you can provide an instruction that will in turn describe the sequence of actions. If an error occurs, You must notify the user for its quick fix.

   To achieve these goals, ask yourself the main questions: what are the visitors looking for? how can their needs be met?

   Once You answer these questions, then only then will You be able to provide the necessary content for the outside audience.

   How to improve the usability of the website?

  There are two ways. The first one - the most effective - to seek help from specialists. Another is to engage users in testing. What to choose is to decide for you.

   Before the client and the developers there is a difficult task - in the minimum amount of time it is necessary to interest the visitor of the website and "make" it stay on this web-resource. Therefore, the main principle of development should be the quality and simplicity of web-pages.

  According to statistics, users on average are on the website page for about 27 seconds, while most of them don`t go through until the end. This indicates that there is a lot of useless and out-of-date information. Therefore, the number is not a quality indicator.

   Consider the basic recommendations that relate to usability:

  • on each page of the website should be placed its logo or title;
  • there should be a menu of at least one level (preferably two);
  • navigation must be present on all pages;
  • the presence of "bread crumbs" so that the user understands where he is;
  • availability of search (in the upper area), especially for online stores. You can use the spell checker. That is, if a wrong request is entered, a prompt line will be displayed;
  • If there are links on the pages, it is desirable to allocate them equally.

   Recommendations on the main page of the website:

  • it is desirable for the main content of the website to be displayed on the page - the latest news, authorizing authority, subscription to the newsletter;
  • information should be relevant and updated as necessary.

   Design recommendations:

  • on each page, it is worthwhile to link to the main page so that it is easier to return;
  • the colors should be harmonious, the pictures should not stand out with the color scheme;
  • it is advisable not to use more than three fonts at the same time. That is, for the headlines - one, for the blog - the other, etc. ;
  • the structure of the main sections should be located in the upper area of ​​the page;
  • you can add navigation elements in the site's footer.

   Therefore, it is important to take into account all the main criteria before the development of the site. Usability is the foundation for further success. It should be understood that one beautiful design will not be enough to interest and attract a significant number of target audiences.

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