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Landing page: features of the site and top best examples

October 30, 2018

Landing page: features of the site and top best examples

Lately, the landings have gained high popularity, due to less costly creation and efficiency in business promotion.


Landing - is a one-page website, created for the marketing company. To such a web-site the user get into mainly from contextual advertising of blogs, social networks, banners. Such pages offer a specific product that targets a specific target audience. And, as a rule, it guarantees a high degree of hit and a high percentage of product sales.


From other sites, landing differ a laconic design, a minimum of text filling and features. The correct design prompts the user to buy the goods, sign up, subscribe, order something, etc.


    Through landing, you can promote virtually everything - from real estate and to your craft, special home-made candies.




 Teambit - is so beautiful web-site, as if the little child was playing and painted here such lovely cartoon characters. Although its intended purpose is serious enough - to teach you and team to work consistently and on the result. Their key phrase - is "Understand, recognize and develop your people." A wonderful landing example, that works on the target audience.




 Muzzleapp - is perhaps the best example of laconic and intelligible. Come on, see, click, and enjoy the result.




 It is very beautiful, easy to use and useful landing, where you can pick up a home for any trip. You immediately see all the suggestions that might be potentially interesting to you. There are beautiful photos and convenience, the opportunity to find a home independently. In general, a wide range of options for any taste.



 It is pretty unconventional and unusual kind of landing. This service, which creates on the chatbot base pages, places its own product and focuses its attention on the landing page for a chat. Visitors are welcomed by a friendly bot - complete with emotions and GIF that will provide you with conversational information.




 Want to try yourself on sale on the Internet? It is easy! Here is a great landing for you. There are only a few fields that need to be filled in before you start. All this makes it easy for you to: sell on the Internet with the help of a tool. Everything is simple and clear, without extra text and photos.






Asgard - is a modern, flexible and very handy project management service. The most useful for IT companies, because there is a time tracker, a list of tasks, the distribution of the importance of projects, etc. The very nature of the landing is very harmonious, thanks to the beautiful minimalist design and well thought out combination of blocks.


Creating a landing page - is a responsible process, because here you should be involved with a designer, programmer, seo specialist and marketer. And only properly organized work will allow for such a landing, which will become a powerful tool for selling your services through the Internet.


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