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Modern Internet services. Asgard, its value and features

July 11, 2018

Modern Internet services. Asgard, its value and features

   Recently, among the Internet users are gaining in popularity social networks, services and applications. And every year them become more and more. What humanity does not come up to simplify life for itself! 

   So all the majority of Internet users began to use not only services with published information, but also social Internet services. There is a large variety of such services: social networks, interactive communication, additional search engines, geoservices, and wikitechnologies. Each is unique and integrates a certain group of people. One of the new and most popular modern Internet services is Asgard.

   Asgard - is a social service designed to monitor employees, manage projects, create tasks, store information, and files. The idea behind creating this application is to simplify IT projects in order to save time and keep everything needed for projects and work in one place. Asgard will be useful for companies with a computerized workflow, and for them it is important to record the number of hours spent on tasks. 

   What features in Asgard application?

   Asgard app - is a modern service, among its features we can to allocate the availability of a calendar and timer, which greatly helps to accurately track the time spent on each task and determine the monthly activity of employees.

   The second feature of the application is the availability of a task tracking system, that is, it is easy to determine at which stage the task is, simply by logging into the application and selecting the herd that interests you. There is no need to distract workers from work, once again, you can store all information on projects and tasks in the application.

   Another feature can be considered convenient Asgard project management, since here you can manage an infinite number of projects, create tasks for one project for different employees, as well as various employees can set tasks for different projects. It's very easy!

   How to work in the Asgard application?

   First, to get started, you need to register yourself and register your employees (better give them access to application), then create the projects or tasks titles you need to do here: Home - Add project. Next you can create tasks and choose an artist for this project. To add a task, click on: Add issue, select the new tab where you want to select the desired project, then create a task name and append it to the description, then select the artist and the level of the task.

    You can add the terms of the task.  Each task contains a place for comments that can be added in the process of execution, and also in Attachments you can add different files, notes, images related to the task. Also, in each task at execution, it is necessary to change the stage at which it is located, then the customer and the performer knows, without waste of time, whether the task is fulfilled, whether it already needs to be checked or it is executed. All creation tasks are automatically highlighted in the task list on the main page.


   The great advantage is that only those employees who must to work with the project can be added to each project, and other employees will simply not see these tasks of the project. This greatly simplifies the work and less contaminates the task monitor. That is, each employee sees only tasks for the projects to which he is attached. This, on the other hand, is a matter of confidentiality and provides complete security for each project.

Regarding the time logger, there is also nothing complicated here. When you begin to perform tasks simply enter the name of the task: What are you working on?, select a project and start the timer. At the end of the day, you can lay the time spent on each task in the task itself, because if you run a task a couple of times a day, the timer summed up the time you spent and now you can quickly find out the exact time spent and log it.

   Thanks to the tracker of time, you can track the activity of each employee in terms of projects and tasks and calculate the approximate time that an employee will spend on similar tasks to other projects, that is, we can say that Asgard is a kind of a certain time planner.

   You should also pay attention to the time logging statistics, in which you can see the sum of all hours of work of employees, the specific hours of a particular project, statistics of work for a certain period of time or both and for a period, and for a project as one employee and all.

   Thanks to Asgard, you can spend more time on project tasks than on organizing work.

   So, we can say that Asgard allows us not only to store all the necessary information in one place, but also facilitates project management and time calculations. The application includes a large variety of features and allows you to work with an unlimited number of projects. Asgard is impressive with its versatility, ease of use and extraordinary capabilities.

   If you are looking for a way to control the execution of tasks for any projects and at the same time keep in touch with all employees then Asgard is for you! You can find out more about the features of the app and choose the most suitable option for you on the official website: