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ArmedSoft – it’s a company, where professionals work.

Today existence of the site of the firm is one of the major elements for successful business. The web site opens possibilities of faster start for the company activities, increase in the income and accessibility of the operation with the company far away, thanks to the site which is posted online. It serves as the major argument for development and creation of own firm site, which also will become the assistant for work. Nowadays many people think that absence of the site is a sign of absence of respectability and serious approach to business.

One of the most important task of the site is a notable increase in number of clients. It became possible thanks to a continuous access to a resource at any convenient time for the client.

Here it is necessary to take into attention that the maximum number of the attracted clients will be productive operation, and it certainly depends on visual acceptability: beauty of the fitted design, interesting and informative filling of the content, and also simplicity of usage. These criteria influence fast achievement of goals.

Let's consider by what criteria  ArmedSoft drupal developers are guided in case of site creation more carefully:

  • First of all the project must have a respectable representative appearance;
  • The site has to be rather informative, but in the same time easy in use for the users of the Internet who aren't overloaded with information and convenient in use as well;
  • The fitted design, concerning corporate colours, fonts and other attributes have to be correctly fitted;
  • The resource will help to sell and extend services and goods of the company more quickly;
  • The project has to locate visually every client, look seriously and professionally;
  • It is necessary to consider technical high-speed activities, when the client clicks on the link of the site and he doesn't spend a lot of time expecting loading of the page.

All these opportunities are opened for those, who order the site on the Drupal platform.

Why would you better choose services of the ArmedSoft company and creation of Drupal web sites by us?

  • Our team of drupal employees is real good skilled professionals, who are selected on a competitive basis and pass careful selection among others. We perfectly understand needs and desires of our clients, we have an opportunity to adjust a project cost to that amount which you can spent on it.
  • New and modern technological decisions;
  • Full integrated approach to services, the order of the "turnkey" site and full attendance and maintenance of its correct operation;
  • Personal development of design depending on the client's wish, we will consider each trifle and your each desire;
  • We are in continuous contact with the customer that gives the chance of complete control of development of the project by the client;
  • The cost of the order is created directly and remains the same during the developement.

Why is excellent content management impossible without using drupal?

  • Platforms of drupal rely on PHP technology and open source, this gives opportunity for work with wide range of functions.
  • Thanks to open source technology, which uses drupal sites it has a robust management system.
  • Drupal gives the system of authorization, which is based on the role, it’s convenient.
  • Content, thanks to drupal may be searchable and indexed.
  • Drupal has in-build functionality of news module.
  • Drupal haі opportunity of placement support, across platforms of Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, Apache, IIS, Solaris.
  • Drupal has it’s own multi language support.
  • Drupal has faster system performance , than other systems.
  • Drupal provides opportunity of reporting and creation of performance statistics and event logs for users.

On what level of professionalism are performers of the project?

  There is a huge variety of the different sites In the Internet. It is possible to meet mass of too motley, rough or simply gray and not interesting sites among them, having opened which, the person loses desire to come again.

  We don't advise you to spend time and money and then to remake something after not high-quality operation of the beginners in this case. Having addressed to professionals of the ArmedSoft company, who have a wide experience and faultless reputation in drupal development, you surely will be glad, and your project will be successful and prospering, bringing in the income to your enterprise.

Advantages of ArmedSoft

We have accumulated extensive experience of having implemented numerous heavy-traffic websites using Drupal platform.

We have excellent knowledge in all aspects of Drupal, as well as in customization, Apache, PHP, MySQL and much more.

We use an effective model for managing all Drupal web development activities and we completely understand incremental and iterative methods.

We are responsible for our work, thus we create high-quality websites with extraodinary design.

Client’s satisfaction is our main goal that’s why we work to suit all your requirements and needs.


Our Benefits

  • Individual approach
    One of the priorities of our work is high quality software that we create. To achieve this ambitious goal, we examine in detail the features of the business of each customer and offer the solutions that the best meet their needs and demands.
    • Individual approach and unique design
    • Guaranteed quality
    • Round the clock online support
  • Highest quality
    Individual approach and unique design are our rule. Therefore, each of the more than 40 projects implemented by us is original and recognizable.
    During 5+ years in the IT market we managed to form a team of real professionals, which enthusiastically welcomes new challenges and constantly evolves.
    • Using the latest technologies and approaches
    • Successful implementation of the variety projects (more than 40).
  • Best Features
    We make sure that our programs and websites work correctly and reliably. Therefore we constantly improve ourselves by learning the latest technologies and approaches.
    • Affordable prices
    • We provide IT services for over 5+ years
    • A huge team of professionals
The team

Our Pride

  • CTO

    I have been working on Websites Development for 7 years. My latest tasks consisted of developing websites with a high load.

  • CEO

    ArmedSoft is not just a company where I work - but it's special place, with a great team, with the possibility to develop yourself and to demonstra

  • Project Manager Lead

    I have been working as a Project manager since 2015. It is a curious job which fits my abilities.